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Changing or Customize My Computer Drive Icon

              In this trick i will show you how to change the drive icons that appear in Mycomputer.

For this you need an icon image i.e.; with extension "ICO" example "drivea.ico"

Copy the icon file to the root of the drive.
example: c:\drivea.ico

Then create a file called: autorun.inf in the root directory c:\autorun.inf.
Simply Right click->New->Text Document. Rename it to autorun.inf (.inf is Extension)

Next open that file and type the following:


Save and close the file.

Now open my computer and refresh.. and woh! icon changed....
you can apply to other drives too.

"autorun.inf" and "ico.ico" must be in the root of the drive.
example: c:\autorun.inf and c:\drivea.ico.
same on the root.

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