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Orkut Tips and Tricks and Hacking Scraps

            Orkut as everyone knows is the top most Social Networking Place, where friends meet, Business person's carry business deals & Share Information. So, I take a step ahead and present some Orkut Tips and Orkut & Scraps Tricks that will easy the use of Orkut. Now make a difference. Below are some Orkut Tricks that work fine for every one, and each peace of code is tested. Kindly contact me through contact link at the left side on this page if there is any broken link or If you want to suggest your own Orkut Hacking tips or Tricks.

Hack Orkut Account (Funny Orkut Trick)


Orkut Softwares


Funny Orkut Trick to Shake the browser screen


Orkut Trick to Write Your Name in Heart Shape


Adding Special Symbols in Scraps 


Simple Orkut Trick to post a Blank Scrap


Orkut Trick to Post Colorful Scrap


Delete Topic from a community


Mirror Message


Make Yourself Invisible


Surf Blocked Orkut


Latest Orkut Scrap Flooder

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