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Hide Control Panel Applets (Windows 95/98/Me)

              This tweak allows you to show or hide any of the applets found in the Windows Control Panel.
Open CONTROL.INI (usually found in the C:\WINDOWS) and add the following lines under the "[don't load]" subsection. If the "[don't load]" section doesn't already exist then create it be adding it on a new line at the end of the file.
For each control panel applet to be hidden add a new line with text in the format "applet.cpl=no" (e.g. fax.cpl=no).
Common Control Panel Applets:
access.cpl - Accessibility Applet
appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs Applet
console.cpl - Console Applet
timedate.cpl - Date and Time Applet
desk.cpl - Display Applet
fax.cpl - Fax Applet
hdwwiz.cpl - Hardware Wizard Applet
irprops.cpl - Infrared Port Applet
intl.cpl - International and Regional Applet
inetcpl.cpl - Internet Settings Applet
joy.cpl - Joystick Applet
liccpa.cpl - Licensing Applet
main.cpl - Mouse and Keyboard Applet
mlcfg32.cpl - Mail Applet
mmsys.cpl - Sound and Multimedia Applet
modem.cpl - Modem and Phone Applet
ncpa.cpl - Network and connectivity Applet
netcpl.cpl - Network and Dial-up Connectivity Applet
nwc.cpl - Netware Client Applet
odbccp32.cpl - ODBC Applet
devapps.cpl - PC Card Applet
ports.cpl - Ports Applet
powercfg.cpl - Power Management Applet
sticpl.cpl - Scanner and Camera Applet
srvmgr.cpl - Server Manager Applet
sapi.cpl - Speech Properties Applet
sysdm.cpl - System Applet
telephon.cpl - Telephony Applet
tweakui.cpl - TweakUI Applet
nusrmgr.cpl - User Manager Applet
wspcpl32.cpl - WSP Client Applet
quicktime.cpl - QuickTime Applet
S32LUCP1.cpl - Norton Live Update Applet
cpqmgmt.cpl - Compaq Insight Agents Applet
Exit the registry and restart Windows for the change to take effect.

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