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Imagine 1 Rupee= 45 $ ??

Here is an old imagination.... but renewed now..


There's tremendous improvement in the economy of India. India's exports increase, imports decrease.

India becomes a super power as Economy is Power.

That is this. Yes. From today on,


Imagine... from then, this may happen...


Venue : Microsoft Corporation, New York, US

Some s/w engineers are seeing some photographs.

s/w engg 1 : What's that?

s/w engg 2 : Bob's photographs from India.

s/w engg 1 : Wow. Let me see. Which is this place?

s/w engg 3 : (Sees the photo) This is Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. 

s/w engg 1 : Fundoo yaar! And what is this? He's got an TVS 50 also.

s/w engg 2 : Let me see (sees). Sexy yaar. This guy enjoys life man...

s/w engg 3 : You know how much a TVS 50 costs? Nearly 200K. Say it in dollars...

s/w engg 2: Oops. We can't dream of such a thing here.

s/w engg 1 : Let's go to India & try for a job.

[Everybody excited.]


Venue: Sun Microsystems, SanFrancisco, California, US

s/w engg 1: I'm with you man. My Visa is expected

anytime. Soon I will fly to India

s/w engg 2 : Ohhh.... When is the party?

s/w engg 1: When I get it on hand.

s/w engg 2: Where will you be working?

s/w engg 1 : I'll be working in Madhapur.

s/w engg 2 : Oh! Madhapur. Great yaar. where it is...

s/w engg 1 : It is in Hyderabad.

s/w engg 3 : Fundoo place yaar. Nice climate Not like

California. You’ll love the weather yaar. One of my

friends is in Jaipur,Rajasthan...He says it's the

ultimate place to live in. Cool maan.

s/w engg 2 : Who is the client yaar?

s/w engg 1: You know  Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad?

s/w engg 3 : Yeah. MCH. One of my friends is there in the Road Cleaning Division. Most challenging job yaar. People are working in the cutting edge of technology there.

s/w engg 1 : I'll be writing software for the accounts department of the GCU.

s/w engg 2: GCU? what it means...?

s/w engg 1 : that is Garbage Collecting Unit.

s/w engg 3 : : Great yaar. That's what I like about that country. You can get a job which requires all your skill. Not like here. See I'm writing software for the space shuttle remote control.I hate this.

s/w engg 1 : Don't worry guys. I'll give you my Hotmail id. You can send your resume to me and I'll forward it to the HRD.

[Everybody takes down his Hotmail id.]


Venue: IBM, New York, US

(Conversation between a Male s/w engg. and Female s/w engg.)

Male : Hi!

Female: Hi. You know. I'm planning to settle in India soon.

Male : What??

Female : Yeah. My marriage will be here in America

only. He is doing his Ph.D in Miyapur College and he's coming here for a month. His study will be over in 2 months. He's already got a job in MEB (Miyapur Electricity Board). We planned to settle in Miyapur itself... I'm also planning to work there. Let's see...

Male: Good luck... dont forget us & US...


Venue: Intel Corp. US

s/w engg 1: Great news guys. Our George has got admission in the Nizam College in Hyd with scholarship for B.A History. A great new field  yaar...

All are excited...

George : Got my Visa yesterday. It's all finalized now.

s/w engg 2 : Congrats yaar. So you are out of this country.

S/w engg 1 : B.A in, enjoy your life there?

s/w engg 2 : : Got full aid, eh?

George : Yeah. Got the UGC scholarship That will be 1200 Rupees per Year.

s/w engg 1 : Great. Enjoy.

s/w engg 2 : (Thinking loud): 1200 Indian Rupees...!

that means 1200 * 45 = 54000 Dollars... with that

amount I can buy a three bed-room flat & a Mercedes here...!!!

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